Keyboarder Privacy Philosophy

We would keep your data footprint as small as possible. We would also delete records of data that is not functional any more.   
We guarantee that we would keep all data in the cloud as useless to the attackers/government agencies as humanly possible.  
We see your data (those small portion of it that makes it to our servers) as threat to your privacy. 
We heavily encrypt copy paste entries; our servers get gibberish when you sync (you can disable sync for your device) .  

We don’t log what you type!
Your personal information is never for sale.

We use one separate channel  for client-side anonymized (no reference to user id inside) data, for explicit purpose of tailoring each user list of characters, specifically for them.
Think of it as local voting on each character, without any records of who votes where and for what. There are just results on our servers that app then uses to make your experience (and those of other users) easier/better/faster. Thanks for helping! (again, not for sale)

Remember, we use the Keyboarder too (without special treatment), so that we all share the same concerns, all the time!

Designed to be anonymous

Keyboarder anonymize and encrypt
usage data. Read more.

Genetically modified code

Evolution helps us grow algorithms which interpret your keystrokes.

We accept and use Bitcoins

The most democratic and the least corrupting currency.