Shortcuts and Smileys.
Just drop them in- and they are ready to use.


Keyboarder can make you smile. Or cry. Show your emotions like a little girl that you are^_^


Program specific shortcuts

If you just want to remap the shortcut;
-open desired program (photoshop for instance)
-search for shortcut;

-right click on shortcut (show tooltip);

-click in the violet box and press desired key combination


go mental with it(start using it).

Shortcut groups

You can use shortcuts(violet tags) the same way as other characters (hold key + right)

Shortcut groups are unique for each windows app and for each keyboard key.

Shortcuts are grouped together based on pressed key. 
For example; group on keyboard key A has shortcuts [ctrl+a],...

By expanding (click on last, fading one)

1- you can move whole group (press arrows),
2- rearrange shortcuts (drag&drop),
3- reveal/hide more shortcuts of this group (move slider).

Use search to locate shortcuts by description.
We use to ensure consistency.
Add missing shortcuts to their base, we import them once per week.

Designed to be anonymous

Keyboarder anonymize and encrypt
usage data. Read more.

Genetically modified code

Evolution helps us grow algorithms which interpret your keystrokes.

We accept and use Bitcoins

The most democratic and the least corrupting currency.

Use your mouse to drag and drop multiple items into different windows, or to add new items into keyboarder.
Customization as it should be.

For ultra fast typing with secondary characters, you can just press a key and its right neighbor simultaneously.
Our algorithms make sure you type the desired character.